BarShout makes ordering drinks at the bar fun and easy.

Why spend time waiting at the bar, while you could be enjoying drinks with your friends? Fire up the BarShout app on your iPhone, choose the drinks you and your friends want to order, and head over to the bar. Hold up your iPhone and BarShout will flash to attract the bartender’s attention and show your drinks with a clear scrolling marquee.

Four simple steps to order:

  1. Choose your category
  2. Swipe left/right to select a drink
  3. Swipe up/down to select the number of drinks
  4. Tilt your iPhone to order

BarShout contains four clear categories. Organize your favorite drinks for easy access when listing your next order. Review past orders in case you want to re-order that same round again. Share with your friends on Facebook.

BarShout gives you access to thousands of beers! Unlock wines, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks with a single in-app purchase.

Enjoy responsibly.